Non-invasive Treatment for Vulvovaginal Laxity


Excessive relaxation of the vaginal muscles is a common occurrence after vaginal birth, or due to aging. Damage can diminish sensation during intercourse, reduce sexual satisfaction, and change the relationship between partners. Laxity of the skin is caused by numerous factors and no area is immune to this natural decline.

In an international survey of 563 obstetrician gynecologists, 84% of responders believe vaginal laxity is underreported by their patients, and 95% felt that vaginal laxity impacts their patients' sexual functioning.1


Temperature Controlled Radiofrequency

ThermiRF® is a temperature controlled radiofrequency energy emission device, used for non-surgical dermatological applications (ThermiVa®) in aesthetics and other medical specialties. ThermiVa® treatments use radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue for the treatment of vulvovaginal laxity with minimal to no discomfort or downtime, though results may vary. The RF disposable electrode is designed to treat internal and external tissues.

  • ThermiRF®, a radiofrequency device approved for treating vulvovaginal laxity, has temperature control capability, allowing physicians to customize the selected therapeutic endpoint for each patient.
  • There is no need for an added cooling device to address subject comfort or intermittent delivery of energy.
  • ThermiRF®, unlike some competitive decices, has a proprietary algorithm that allows the physician to select and control the treatment temperature, providing control of continuous RF dosage for each subject.

1Pauls et al., (2012). Vaginal laxity: a poorl understood quality of life problem; a survey pf physician members of International Urogynecologicall Association (IUGA). The Inernational Urogynecological Association, June 2012.

How does thermiva work?

ThermiVa® treatments are performed with the ThermiRF® device. ThermiRF® uses temperature controlled radiofrequency energy to gently heat vulvovaginal tissue, treating vulvovaginal laxity.

Clinical studies show that the collagen in tissue will shrink when heated to sustained temperatures in excess of 40°C. It has been shown that when the tissue is heated to this level, an inflamatory process is engaged which can stimulate fibroblasts to produce new collagen over a period of time increasing vascularity and blood flow.2

The RF disposable electrode is designed to treat both internal and external tissues.

2Rusciani, A., Curinga, F., Menichini, G., Alfano, C., Rusciani, L. (2007). Nonsurgical tightenting of skin laxity: A new radiofrequency approach. Journal of Drugs and Dermatology, April 2007; Volume 6, Issue 4.

  • Non-surgical, non-invasive treatment
  • Little to no discomfort*
  • No anesthesia required
  • Minimal to no downtime*
  • Tolerable treatment of both the internal and external areas
  • Convenient treatment performed in-office
  • 3 sessions recommended to achieve best result

*Results may vary


In a recent Thermi® multi-center clinical study of 65 subjects:3Greater than 93% of women treated with ThermiVa reported imprivement in laxity.

Subjects reported statistically and clinically relevant imrovement in sexual funcitoning during the study follow-up period.

3Study on file

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Real ThermiRF Patient Results

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